The Game and the Moments

Upated on :February 11, 2013

Written by: Hasan Ahmadi

Milad has gone shopping, and his grandma is busy arranging the green plants for Nourooz (the New Year) as it is the usual routine for years. Ahmad Ali’s green plants are different from others because he has been lost in action during the war. The grandma believes that his son is still alive and will come back this year. The grandpa has just come back from an exploration in the south. He has conducted some experiments in his own laboratory, which has caused a Southern dark-skinned boy from the war period as young as Milad (the main character) to come to their house in their town. The southern boy does not believe that the war is over and is seeking to prove that his father has not been a spy. The grandma is not aware of his presence and they do not want her to know anything about the southern boy, who is quite concerned about his father and is running out of time. He is afraid that his father might be trialed and sentenced to death. The grandpa who does not know how to make the black boy return to his own time is busy working on his experiments in his lab. Milad would like to help the southern boy, but his cousin, Javad, has drunk some drugs from the grandpa’s lab has been changed into a Lilliputian and has been caught in one of the rooms. They travel in time in his grandpa’s lab and are transferred into the war times. His uncle, Ahmad Ali, has found the person who has accused the southern boy’s father of being a spy and has delivered him to the court.  There are a lot of perilous adventures in the battlefield for Milad and Hadi, but they know that nothing is going to happen to them because they are both from another time. Milad and Hadi return to Ahwaz and look for Hadi’s father. They eventually find out that his father is innocent.

Milad has been caught in the past times and cannot come back to the present. A teenager at the hospital tells him that his uncle, Ahmad Ali, knows how to return to his own times. Milad has to take a train and he does so. His travel takes a whole night from Ahwaz to Tehran, and during the journey, he feels how the time has passed, being subconscious and hallucinating.

Javad, who has gained his own size again, opens the door, and his grandma is angry with him because he has gone shopping for such a long time.

Milad feels that Javad is a bit mysterious and knows something that he does not want to reveal. His grandpa is praying for the New Year. Milad joins them, and uncle Ahamd Ali has started a new game. Milad feels that he is going to have a happy holiday with them in the New Year.


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