The Iranian Children’s Cultural Week in Turkmenistan 2006

Upated on :January 24, 2006

Country: Eshghabad and Marv cities, Turkmenistan

Date: 2006

Dispatched Delegate: Maral Sayyadchi and Mehdi Fooladshekan


The inauguration ceremony of the Cultural Week of the Iranian and Turkmen children included some authorities’ lectures, receptions and exhibition visits, warmly welcomed by children and adults. Some children in Marv gathered behind the doors before the exhibition started. Kanoon’s stand was very crowded, filled with children., In some cases, children paintings were well-trained and quite gifted. The inauguration ceremony in Marv included reciting some poems from Shahnameh and presenting some awards to the art competition winners. Kanoon’s activities were widely broadcasted on Turkmen TV through reports and interviews and were generally published on Turkmen press along with children’s paintings.


Children’s paintings gallery on the subject of “Customs and Rituals and the exhibition of children’s books and entertainments were held.


Workshop of Paper and cutting: The attendants were able to create something enjoyable out of paper. Small frames and beautiful cards were created by paper and cutting, which could be used to decorate classes and rooms by children.

Painting Workshop: This one was held on the subject of friendship and cultural inheritances and historical monuments by water color techniques to promote amity and cultural propinquity.

Handcraft Workshop: It included collage, post cards, and pottery, which amazed many children.


Kanoon’s films and animations were shown in the amphitheatre.

The Kanoon-produced animations were extremely amazing for the young visitors, and Kanoon’s experts explained about the techniques and methods of producing those movies and introduced the references applied.


It took two hours for Kanoon’s representatives to visit the only art school in Eshghabad. The school was founded by an artist 60 years ago and has 250 pupils now, attending the school 3 days a week in the afternoons. The other days they spend in general schools. Teenagers at 12 can attend this art school and can learn painting, statue-carving, rug-weaving, and jewelry-making.

They also visited Sultan Sanjar Tomb, Khajeh Yousef Hamedani’s grave, Imam Reza’s Footprints, and some other shrines and holy places in Eshghabad.

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