The Iranian Children’s Friendship Week in Bangladesh 2005

Upated on :June 6, 2005

Country: Daka, Bangladesh

Date: 2005

Delegates: Sohrab Khajehnejad, Soosan Ilchi, Tahereh Kiani


In 2005, the Iranian Children’s Friendship Week was held in Daka, Bangladesh, celebrating the 27th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. Bangladeshi Arts Center General Director, The Minister of Culture of Bangladesh, and the Ambassador of Iran attended the inauguration ceremony.


An exhibition of Kanoon’s books and creative entertainments was held.


Painting workshops on “Painting at Nigh and day”, Stonecutting workshop on “Complete It as You See It”, pottery workshop, paper and fold workshop on “The Running Paper Frogs and Crows”, Dara’s and Sarah’s local clothes design workshop, writing workshop on “Friendship Letters from Bangladeshi Children to Iranian Children”, handicraft and local games workshops were all held.


Some of Kanoon’s films were shown.


ªThe Freedom Square (Martyrs)

ªJahangir Negar University

ªBangladeshi first capital city, Sonergan

ªThe museum

ªSeifoleslam’ painting gallery, one of the famous Bangladeshi painters

ªThe Fine Arts University and communicating with the chancellor


The broadcast of Friendship Week in Bangladeshi television channels and radio stations was overwhelming. Every night, the TV programs broadcasted some news on the program and some interviews.

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