The Iranian Children’s Friendship Week in Lebanon 2004

Upated on :October 6, 2004



Country: Beirut, Lebanon

Date: 2004

Delegates: Abdo-Reza Mazari Jalali, Siamak Hojjatoleslami, Sadrollah Asadbeigi,


The Iranian Children’s Friendship Week was inaugurated in Al-Ghobari Park in  Beirut, Lebanon, attended by Mrs. Andre Emil Lahud, the Lebanese President’s wife, some Parliament members, some Muslim and Christian cultural and social figures, the children training centers’ managers, the Lebanese women communities’ authorities, some children and young adults from educational institutes, and some Iranian residents’ families and organizations in Lebanon. The inauguration ceremony was started by the National Anthem of both countries. Then, an Iranian representative from Pana, the student news agency of Iran welcomed the guests and congratulated the World Children’s Day on behalf of the Iranian children.

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony


In the exhibition section, Kanoon’s children’s and young adults’ books, some useful entertainments, Dara and Sara dolls, and some children’s photo galleries were exhibited.


Some workshops of painting, handcrafts, Iranian mythological sketches on Aluminum foil, wire and mica, and creating Iranian toys were held.


Some Kanoon’s films were shown.


Of sidelong programs was the music performed by the Iranian delegates playing Daff, Reeds, and Santour (Iranian musical instruments), which delighted the Lebanese children. In another program, an Iranian child, who has memorized the whole Koran, recited some verses from Koran.

The Lebanese press gave many reports on the event, including the Al-Enteghad, in Beirut, which published an article “Children’s Dialogues Are Louder“.


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