The Iranian Children’s Friendship Week in Lebanon 2008

Upated on :October 6, 2008

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

Country: Beirut, Lebanon

Date: 2008

Delegates: Seyed Sadegh Rezaii, Mehrdad GhorbanMashaei, Shaaban Zoleykani, GholamReza Khalili


The Iranian Children’s Friendship Week was held in Beirut, Lebanon, attended by some Lebanese authorities, including Suzi Khalifah, the Health Minister’s wife, the representative of the Youth and Sports Ministry, Mr. Mostafa Ghasir, the headmaster of the Al-Mahdi schools in Lebanon, Ali Salman, the headmaster of the Islamic Training schools, and Mr. Hosseinian, the Chargé d’affaires of the Iranian Embassy in Lebanon. The Lebanese and Iranian officials delivered some lectures at the inauguration ceremony and then the exhibitions and workshops began their programs welcoming children and young adults from various schools and institutions. And some gifts were given to the authorities by Kanoon such as the books: Iran, The Iranian Cultural Inheritance, and The Iranian Rugs, the Unique Treasure.


In the exhibition section, Kanoon’s children’s and young adults’ books, some useful entertainments, Kanoon’s book illustrations, children’s paintings, and photo galleries were exhibited.


Some workshops of pottery, painting, paper and folding, collage, sketchbook of stones and shells, and leaves work were held.


Some Kanoon’s films were shown on some days and were watched by some Persian-speaking students there.


There were some special guests on the first day, the disabled children, the blind, the mute, and the deaf. They were exhilarated to join other children working in the workshops.



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