The Iranian Children’s Friendship Week in Thailand 2005

Upated on :October 6, 2005



Country: Bangkok, Thailand

Date: 2005

Delegates: Morteza Khorrami, Zahra Athari, Mina Yousefzadeh


The Iranian Children’s Friendship Week was held in the Thai Cultural Complex affiliated to the Ministry of Culture of Thailand in Bangkok, attended by the Iranian Ambassador and the Iranian Cultural Counselor, the Deputy of the Ministry of Culture of Thailand, and the Romanian Ambassador. The Program was inaugurated by reading out the message from the Iranian Minister of Islamic Culture and Guidance.


101 Kanoon’s children’s books, useful entertainments, 100 children’s paintings, 100 selected photos from 4 Kanoon’s Photo Galleries, posters of Iranology, and some samples from the books “The Sketchbook“, “Under the Golden Sketch“, “‌Frames and Margins“, “Papers and Slices” and “The Iranian Local Clothes” were exhibited.


Some pottery, painting, publishing, collage, stones, papers and folding, and Papers and Cutting were held. There were some sidelong workshops of playing with Kanoon’s products and entertainments and reading Kanoon’s books. The workshop “An Introduction to the Iranian Art” was warmly welcomed and was especially attractive for the audience.

The art workshops welcomed at least 300 children and young adults in 8 workshops daily.  The children and young adults attended the workshops along with their parents who were interested to have their own experiences in the art workshops.


The movie “This Is Our House” was shown at Kanoon’s stand and the animation movies were shown the public theater of the exhibition.


At the closing ceremony, some Kanoon’s English books were gifted to Thai authorities, experts and cultural programmers. The national children’s day in Thailand was the most crowded day in the whole Friendship Week.


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