The Iranian Children’s Friendship Week in the Philippines 2008

Upated on :June 6, 2008

Country: The Philippines

City: Manila

Date: 2008

Delegates: Helen Mohammadrezaei, Sara Momenin, Soodabeh Shiran, Javad Arjmandfar


The Iranian children’s Friendship Week was held in three sections of exhibitions, workshops, and drama in Manila, the Philippines, with the cooperation between Kanoon’s International Affairs Department, Islamic Culture and Communications Organization, Iranian Cultural Counselor in the Philippines and the Philippines National Commission of Children’s Culture, Art and Museum. At the inauguration ceremony, Ms. Labrador, the head of the Philippine National Commission of Children’s Culture, Art and Museum, congratulated Kanoon and Iran for their attempts in children’s affairs and called them satisfactory, noticing the statistics on Kanoon’s activities and centers. Through this celebration, the book “A Selection of Iranian Children Stories”, translated in Tagalong (the Philippines official language) by the Iranian Counseller ship and published in Manila, was presented. This book was selected from among Kanoon’s publishments and other publishers’ didactic stories.


Kanoon’s children’s books, the Persian language learning textbooks of the Iran Language Institute, Sara and Dara dolls, creative entertainments, Kanoon’s books illustrations, children’s paintings, photos and the Iran Language Institute on Persian language learning were presented.


Workshops of painting, mask and mask making, collage, handicraft, pottery, manual printing, peace message for the children of the world especially Iranian children,  were held.


Kanoon’s films were shown in a separate section.


To the great astonishment of the NCCA (the National Commission of Culture and Art), the program was so unexpectedly welcomed so that on the first day, some visitors were doing their work sitting on the ground in the workshops. In addition to visitors from schools and regular attendants, parents were also participating the workshops actively. A Philippines artist called the paper and slices workshops a tremendous innovation. Philippines disabled students also attended the program unexpectedly and enjoyed Kanoon’s speechless animations. Philippines students enthusiastically wore the clothes with the emblem of Kanoon printed on them.

The program was also warmly welcomed during their holidays when everywhere is closed down. Dara and Sara dolls were presented to Pambata Museum to introduce the national Iranian dolls and local clothes.

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