The Iranian Children’s Friendship Week in Turkmenistan 2008

Upated on :January 24, 2008

Country: Turkmenistan, Eshghabad

Date: 2008

Delegates: Seyyed Fazlollah Shahrokhi, Ameneh Hosseini, Bibi Zoleykha Chokan


The inauguration ceremony started with the national anthem of Iran and Turkmenistan and the welcome lecture of Turkmen Puppet Show leader and the Iranian ambassador. Some Turkmen authorities and statesmen were watching the program, and the whole program was explained. There were also interviews with 2 TV channels and 3 radio channels, which were broadcasted in their news and cultural programs. Special detailed reports were published in their press.

At the inauguration ceremony, Iranian children’s message to Turkmen children was read aloud in two languages, Persian and Turkmen, by one of the Iranian children. There were cultural, artistic, and literary figures such as writers, poets, reporters, etc. attending the program along with their families. On the closing day, kite-flying festival was run, and some gifts, including books, games and stationeries, were presented to those whose works were selected in the workshops.


Kanoon’s books on miscellaneous subjects, such as fiction, handcraft, religion, etc., creative entertainments and games, Kanoon’s book illustrations, children’s paintings on various topics, such as the national customs and ceremonies, and photos were exhibited.


Some workshops, such as handcrafts by sawdust and color strings, collage, painting by color pencils and pastel, pottery, etc. were conducted.


Some Kanoon’s short, long and animation movies were shown along with their English subscriptions.


o       Visiting the Art School and the National Children Books Library.

o       Visiting the three-legged, five-legged, and eight-legged park which is actually a museum of antiques and the Ten-Horse Park which a symbol of sacred position of horses among Turkmen.

o       Visiting Rohiat Mosque which is the largest mosque in the Middle East. Next to it, there is the former Turkmen president Safar Morad Niazof’s family tomb.

o       Visiting the road called Rah Salami Colonel Ling Ghaligh Bully, which is located at a 10-kilometer distance from Eshghabad.

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