The Iranian Children’s 2nd Friendship Week in Syria 2010

Upated on :September 4, 2010

Country: Syria

City: Damascus

Date: 2010

Delegates: Ahmad Firouzabadi, Parvin Poshtkoohi, Faranak Asadi, Sara Pakdaman


The Iranian Children’s 2nd Friendship Week was held in Damascus, Syria by Kanoon, aided by General Office of Social Affairs and Overseas Iranians & the Organization of Culture and Islamic Relations, the cultural management of the Museum Organization, and the Syrian Culture Ministry.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the General Manager of the International Affairs of the Syrian Culture Ministry, the Iranian Haj and Pilgrimage Organization representative in Damascus, Iran’s Supreme Leader’s representative in Ba’aseh, Iran’s Embassy authorities, the IRI cultural counselor, and some other Iranian, Syrian and Palestinian elite and authorities.


Kanoon’s books in Persian and English, ILI’s Arabic and Persian learning side studies, movie scripts, useful entertainments, Dara and Sara dolls, Kanoon’s book illustrations, children’s paintings and some pictures introducing Iran were exhibited.


Some workshops of storytelling, tile design, painting, collage, mask-creating, etc. were held. The workshops were so enthusiastically visited that over 500 Syrian children and young adults visited the programs everyday.


Kanoon’s animation “Hajar’s Wedding” and documentary “The Glory of Takhte Jamshid” were shown.


One day of the program was especially for Palestinian children. 150 Palestinian students residing in Yarmook and Jarmaneh camps in Damascus arrived at the Iranian Cultural Counseling Office there and participated the art workshops, such as painting, calligraphy, and printing on dishes. There were 75 Syrian children among them.

Dr. Majed Aboomazi, one of the authorities of the Iran-Palestine Relations Committee, thanked Kanoon and admired the way the trainers treated children, stating, “Kanoon’s delegates reveal how much they are well qualified in dealing with children and young adults, and it represents Kanoon’s endeavor in this regard.”

‘Who’ll Calm Down the Storm?’, the nominated children’s book about Ghaza’s resistence against the Zionists, which has recently been published by Kanoon, was gifted to the Palestinian children.

Children’s and young adults’ introduction to other countries, their recognition of each other’s attempts and activities to develop their own talents, introducing Iran’s experience in children’s books, movies, animations, useful entertainments, illustration, photography, painting, etc. were all the achievements of the program.

The Iranian Cultural Counseling authorities in Damascus stated their satisfaction and gratitude of the program and Kanoon’s activities and were convinced that there should be a branch of Kanoon in Syria to improve the cultural cooperation between Iran and Syria.

During the Friendship Week, in addition to the reports by the IRI news agencies and reporters, the Syrian TV channels and their state and non-state news agencies and mass media vastly reported the program.

This was the 23rd Friendship Week held by Kanoon in various countries since 2002.

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