The Iranian Children’s Cultural Week in Pakistan 2005

Upated on :September 4, 2005

Country: Pakistan

City: Lahore

Date: 2005

Delegates: Moosa Reza Danaii, Ali Meraji Rad


The Iranian Children’s Cultural Week was held in Pakistan to introduce the rich Iranian-Islamic culture. Pakistan’s Ministry of Tourism held an exhibition in Lahore for five days in respect of the Tourism Week, where 11 countries were attending. Kanoon took part in the exhibition from Iran, whose stand was among the eight stands in the grand Alhamra Complex.


In this cultural city, 30 paintings of Kanoon’s members on customs and rituals, three 10-meter graffiti, Dara and Sara dolls in their local costumes, 12 craft books of Kanoon’s products, a variety of statues of pines and acorns, and some beautiful figures out of wood and roots were exhibited.


Paper and folds, painting on the rolls of paper on various subjects, and creating scrolls out of handwritings and paintings workshops were held.


Kanoon’s delegates visited the cultural complex of Lahore, where some language labs, computer, physics, astrology, etc. classes were held.


Due to the large number of visitors, including students and teachers, CNN and BBC agencies vastly reported the program. At the end of the program, some pine and acorn statues, Sara and Dara dolls, and a collection of paper and folds books were gifted to the IRI cultural center in Lahore.

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