The Iranian Children's Cultural Week in Pakistan 2006

Upated on :November 4, 2006

Country: Pakistan

City: Lahore

Date: 2006

Delegates: Hossein Yavari, Ali Asghar Yazdani


The Iranian children’s cultural week was held in Lahore, Pakistan, with the motto “Faith, Unity, and Discipline“. At the inauguration ceremony, Iran’s cultural counselor and some Pakistani cultural authorities attended. Pakistan’s Minister of Education also took part in the inauguration ceremony. The program was widely broadcasted by some TV networks, reporters, and journalists. An average of 1000 to 1500 visitors on a daily basis accumulated to almost 6000 visitors in 5 days of the exhibition.


In a section of the main hall of the exhibition, the graffiti which were a few meters long were installed. In another section, some handcrafts and artistic works, including cardboard frames, tints, stone works, beautiful collage works, paper and folds, etc. were exhibited. Another section of the exhibition which was of great interest was Kanoon’s cultural products, such as books and useful entertainments.


Some workshops, such as storytelling, painting some graffiti on ‘Friendship between Iran and Pakistan‘, creative plays, paper and folds, etc. were held and welcomed by many visitors.


Kanoon’s movies and animations were shown several times a day, watched by almost 400 people each time.


Among the main programs of the cultural week, some side activities were also performed, including an exhibition of Iranian literary figures, creating a roll on the subject ‘Say What You Want to Say‘, some sessions on the experience exchange between Iranian and Pakistani school teachers, a visit to the children’s library in Lahore, and an interview with the librarian about the city library activities.

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