The Iranian Children’s Friendship Week in Kazakhstan 2007

Upated on :September 4, 2007

Country: Kazakhstan

City: Almati

Date: 2007

Delegates: Karim Safiri, Zohreh Emam, Parvin Vafaii, Fariba Yazdani


The Iranian Children’s Friendship Week was held in the Students’ Palace in Almati, Kazakhstan in 2007.

At the inauguration ceremony, the Iranian and Kazakh authorities urged on more cultural cooperation between the two countries.

The Students’ Palace is an institute similar to Kanoon, which is engaged in finding and training scientific, cultural, and artistic talents among children and young adults. In addition, there are some formal classes held at the palace.


Kanoon’s books and useful entertainments, Kanoon’s and Iran Language Institute’s book illustrations and children’s paintings were exhibited.


There were held some workshops on painting, puppet-creating, creative theater, paper and folds, creating 3D figures with paper, visual techniques, calligraphy, astrology, and Kazakh children’s friendship messages for Iranian children.


Kanoon’s movies and animations were shown.


All the children and young adults attended at the ceremony received a gift of their names in Persian handwriting.

Some Iranian scientists and literary men, including Dr. Mohammad Eslami Nadooshen, Sirous Shamisa, and Mohammad Dabeh, who were in Kazakhstan at the same time, took part in the ceremony.

Kanoon’s Center of Astrology and their activities were introduced, presenting their astrological posters, pictures of the whole observatory in Zafaranieh, some puzzles and a model of the solar system. In this section, a brief biography of Anoosheh Ansari, the first Iranian woman in space, was presented. The program included some clips and pictures of the astrological masses, galaxy, the sun and the moon and the planets, landing on the moon, meteorites and so on.  Many visitors in various age groups were interested in these shows, which were commented well on different parts, based on the age group of the visitors.

The delegates celebrated Imam Reza’s birthday in one of the Iranian schools and in an orphanage in Almati.

Many art students of the Almati University also attended the program and visited Kanoon’s products.

Mohammad Hossein Salavatian’s illustrations and his elaborate comments were a special program in the friendship week.

Alongside the illustrations exhibition, some illustration training workshops were held, which was quite welcomed by the art students and children.


–         The Art Academy and Kazakh art students

–         The Museum

–         At training classes for students

–         The Center of Astrology and Observatory in Almati

The observatory at the Students’ Palace and their activities

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