The Iranian Children’s Friendship Week in Kenya 2009

Upated on :July 1, 2009

Opening 2009

Opening- 2009

Country: Kenya

City: Nairobi

Date: July, 2009

Dispatched Group: Abbas Tarighat, Janan Sarpaty, Mina Yousefzadeh and Maryam Fazeli Moghaddas from Tehran.

The Iranian Children’s Friendship Week was held by Kanoon, the Cultural Affairs Office of the Iranians Residing in Foreign Countries of The Cultural and Islamic Relations Organization, and The Cultural Counsellorship of Islamic Republic of Iran in Kenya. It was inaugurated at the Jafari Club in July, 2009.

At the inauguration ceremony, the Iranian Ambassador, the Deputy of the Kenyan Ministry of Culture, and a group of Kenyan artists, scholars and students and Iranians residing in Kenya.

Print Workshop

Print Workshop

At the inauguration ceremony, the children were entertained by the animation “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs“, one of Kanoon’s latest products. Moreover, playing the CD “Jamshid Throne Glory” in English introduced the Iranian glorious history to the audience.

The children who had remarkably attended the programs individually or in groups participated in some group activities and games in a field next to the exhibition. The games were traditional and local in both countries.

At the end, some gifts such as the book “The Iranian Cultural Inheritance” and some souvenirs were given to the Kenyan authorities and scholars. Some gifts were also distributed to the children at the end of the workshops.


  • Illustrations of children’s and young adults’ books – 83 pieces
  • Kanoon’s library-members’ paintings on subjects such as customs and traditions, ceremonies and rituals, etc. – 65 works
  • Children’s and young adults’ photos on miscellaneous subjects – 39 pieces
  • Kanoon’s Persian and English books and book-films – 230 titles
  • Teaching Persian Language textbooks for the non-Persian speakers, produced by the Iran Language Institute
  • Some constructive entertainment and educational software along with Sara and Dara dolls – 38 samples
  • Teaching Astrology to Children products, including photos, books, multimedia CDs, movies, etc.
  • Kenyan children’s paintings on various subjects – 60 items


  • 7 painting workshops: various techniques in painting on subjects such as mother, jungle, my countrymen, etc.
  • 5 graffiti workshops: various techniques on subjects such as my friend, my country, etc.
  • 4 finger-driven puppet workshops: creating some animal puppets and storytelling and creative play with them
  • 6 printing workshops: printing some patterns and designs on cloth, carpets, rugs, tiles, pots, cardboards, etc.
  • 6 puzzle production workshops: painting some Islimi designs on tiles and pots and creating puzzles using them
  • 4 paper-bag masks workshops: creating masks of human beings, animals and birds
  • 6 wind and clouds workshops: painting designs of wind and clouds on the cardboards
  • 5 collage workshops: collages applying colorful paper, cardboards, and cloth on subjects such as my friends, animals, faces, etc.
  • 5 pottery workshops: creating 3D objects by clay on various subjects
  • 6 engraving workshops on crayon padding.

Showing Movies:

Showing a variety of long and short movies as well as animations produced by Kanoon 4 times a day

Side Exhibitions:

  • Catalogues of The 5th International Painting Competition, The 6th International Animation Festival, The Photo Festival, and Kanoon’s trainers’ works of art such as paintings, illustrations, posters, calligraphy, handwriting-painting, illumination photos, pottery, handcrafts, masks, and puppets.
  • Posters, including the poster of the book “The Anecdotes” which won the New Horizons Award in the Bologna Book Fair in 2003,and the posters of the 6th International Animation Festival, the 5th International Painting Competition, Astronomy, and Sara and Dara dolls.
  • The banner introducing the book “Taking a look at…Iran in English and the Iran Language Institute in English and Arabic


Getting familiar with the Iranian designs and patterns on carpets, rugs, pots, and tiles in printing and puzzle-making workshops as well as their similarities with Kenyan handcrafts and the Wind and Clouds Workshops were of great interest to children, young adults and teachers.

It is important to mention that the counselor’s precise programming for Kenyan children and young adults to regularly attend and participate in all the programs is demanded, by providing some transportation means.

Playing Iranian Traditional Games with Kenya Children

Playing Iranian Traditional Games with Kenya Children

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