The Little Shepherd

Upated on :July 16, 2014

Written by: Abdolrahman Onegh

Translated by: Siamak Mazloomi

The novel deals with the pleasant but hard lifestyle of the shepherds who live in the farfetched Turkmen Desert. A worn-out school bus is parked in the desert where shepherds live instead of the school.  Aihan is a 12-year old school boy who likes to study. But his father does not like that. He’s a strict, cruel shepherd who loves his job and wants his children to follow his career. He thinks that if kids are educated, they will stop taking care of sheep. That’s why he joins other shepherds to make the teacher run away. They have several plans. Taimaz, his nephew, has an important role in making these plans. He is close to success, but Aihan can discover his plans eavesdropping. He who continues his studies stealthily listening to the teacher from behind the window of the class tries to thwart their plans, assisted by his grandfather who supports him to continue his studies.

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