Upated on :February 26, 2014

Original Title: Avaz-e Shab

Director: Moeen Samadi

Writer: Moeen Samadi

Music: Milad Movahedi

Cinematographer: Hamid Karimian

Animators: Elnaz Zadbagher, Somayeh Nili, Mahbobeh Amidi, Zhila Ghanaee

Producer: Kanoon (Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults)


2013, Animation (3D), Non-dialogue, Stereo, 4min.



 A mother rabbit sings to her little bunny about the beauties of the night and the stars as she plays and finally falls asleep. Director’s view: The Film takes a look at a mother’s lullabies for her daughter (the future mother) over a one-year period in a fantasy world. The mother creates an imaginary world with her song, glorifying the beauties of the night and stars for her daughter to see. The mini-constellations pictured in fantasy from indicate the various months of the year. The soft clouds and the pictures on them resemble the softness of pillows and the pictures on the child’s nightdress.


  • Festivals: 
    • XVI  INTERNATIONAL ANIMATED FILM FESTIVAL“ANIMAEVKA”, 10-15 Sep., 2013, Belarus (Competition Program)
    • Jana International Film Festival for Children & Youth, Oct., 2013, Lebanon 


    • 1st Chennai International Short Film Festival, 20-23 Feb., 2014, India (Short Animation Competition)
    • 21 Internationales Trick Film Festival, Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart, 22-27 April 2014, Germany







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