Nowruz Paintings of Iranian and Kazakh Children exhibit in Isfahan

Upated on :May 9, 2011

A collection of Iranian and Kazakh children’s paintings including 100 works on Nowruz were displayed on the walls of Isfahan province branch of Kanoon.

Referring to that, Iran and Kazakhstan have some common points in observing traditional customs, 2011 is the second year of artistic cooperation of their children, released the public relations dept. of Kanoon

Last year, the one month exhibition was held in Begalin library in Almaty ,the capital of Kazakhstan, with the attendance of Iranian children and adolescences.  In this ceremony the Iranian cultural attaché in Kazakhstan made a speech while a Haft-sin table was set.

Finally, the selection of each country was made by the jury of the other side and 10 winners from among 50 Iranian children works were selected, so three statues and seven encouragement plaques were awarded to the artists.

In 2011, the painting exhibition was held in the cultural and historical city, Isfahan and 100 Kazakh children’s painting entitled Nowruz were exhibited.

Baghdad Amirof ,the ambassador of Kazakhstan, besides expressing his satisfaction for being in Iran, referred to some common cultural points of the two countries.  He wished for more relationship between Iran and Kazakhstan, and the attendance of Kazakh children in the coming events as well.

In the opening ceremony of the exhibition, in addition to the managing director of Kanoon and the Kazakhstan ambassador in Iran, the cultural attaché  of Kazakhstan in Iran, the security and political deputy, the social deputy and the advisor of the general governor of Isfahan, and some managers of Kanoon were present.

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