The puppet theater group “Star” attending Thailand Puppet Theater Festival 2009

Upated on :June 6, 2009

The festival ran from 12/3/2009 to 12/7/2009 at the Thailand Cultural Center on the occasion of the 82nd anniversary of Thailand King’s birth aiming amity and understanding among nations providing an opportunity for cultural exchange and transmitting one another’s knowledge and experience through the medium of puppet theater.

Iran, Finland, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Russia, China, Germany, Korea, India, Spain, and Philippines participated in this festival. The reason for their being invited has been the Thailand King’s having travelled to these countries. He had travelled to Iran 45 years ago. The puppet theater group “Star” consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Emami took part in the festival on behalf of Kanoon (The Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults).

The introduction ceremony was held with the attendance of the Deputy Culture Minister and the secretary of the festival, performing local games, traditional sports, martial arts, music, and the dance of countries flags at Rono Garden Riverside Park; furthermore, the opening ceremony was held at the Cultural Center of Bangkok with the attendance of the Minister of Culture, the deputy minister, the chief of staff of the Ministry of Culture, and other cultural personages, together with the representatives and ambassadors of the other countries.

The theater groups of Iran, Finland, and Sri Lanka executed educational workshops on Friday, December 4, 2009. The group “star” from Iran performed a beautiful play after having the paper puppets made by children and; they taught elementary school children how to make cardboard décor. The elementary school children participated in the workshop of cutting and making paper puppets and some others just looked on as bystanders.

Within the next days of the festival, the puppet theater group “Star” from Iran performed the play “The pumpkin rolling along” at Discovery Museum Institute in the style of synthesizing narration- in an entirely poetic and rhythmic way- and music playback. The final day, the Iranian group, together with other groups from different countries performed their plays at the National Theater in Bangkok. The Iranian group got a warm and intimate reception from the chiefs and the people of Thailand. At the end, the whole groups were given commemorative mementos of the festival.

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