The Sandwich of the Train

Upated on :February 20, 2013

It is a collection of 14 childish poems in blank verse, suitable for Group D of children. Hossein Toolaii, the poet, is one of the few people who have introduced the blank verses into children’s poetry. In his new collection, he has recited his poems without any rhythm or rhyme. He explores the relationships among the events and phenomena and discovers these relationships in his poetry.

Toolaii has chosen the themes in his poems from the children’s world and environment, tangible to children since they are constantly in touch with them. He finds poetic responses to some children’s concerns. A part of his poem goes:

The cat/caught the mice in the yard/the trap/in the house.

The tramp mouse/went to the desert forever/and did not return.

Now everybody calls him/the rat.

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