Upated on :May 28, 2011

Peace Be Upon Imam Reza (AS)




On the Occasion of Imam Reza and Hazrat Ma’asoumeh’s sacred birthdays and also concurrent with the Decade of Magnanimity, The Second International Festival of Razavi Story-telling will be held by The Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (Kanoon) of Mazandaran.



Performing various aspects of Imam Reza’s life, benefiting from his behavior and sayings,  expressing his magnanimity and memories from the pilgrims visiting Imam Reza’s shrine.


•          No age limit

•          Story-telling works are to be recorded on a compact disk with an acceptable quality and sent by express or electronic mail ( to the administration office of the festival.  Submitting the personal information and the script of the recorded stories along with the compact disk is a must.  PDF or similar files are not acceptable.


•          After being approved by the Professional Board of Kanoon, they jury will be chosen.  The nominees will be judged in three separate age groups. (Children, Young Adults, Adults)


In each age group three people are announced as winners by the Board of the Festival.  All winners will be given The Icon of the Festival, and a certificate of appreciation.  The first, second, and third winners of each section will also receive a cash prize as follows:

–                      Adults: 5,000,000 rials, 4,500,000 rials, and 4,000,000 rials respectively.

–                      Young Adults: 3,500,000 rials, 3,000,000 and 2,500,000 rials

–                      Children: 2,000,000 rials, 1,500,000 rials and 1,000,000 rials

All winners  will be guests of the Festival and attend the professional meetings and workshops held by the experts.  Their names also will be announced in the special issue and website of Kanoon of  Mazandaran.


Submission deadline: August 30, 2011

•          Acceptance notification: September 11, 2011

•          The date of the Festival : October 6, 2011

•          The closing day: October 6, 2011

Postal Address:

Administrative Dept. of Imam Reza’s International Story-telling Festival, Kanoon, Hejab street, Fatemi ave., Tehran, IRAN

P.O. Box 14145/136

Tel. :   0098-21-88967392

Fax:    0098-21-88821121


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