Upated on :February 26, 2014

 Original Title: Reza-e-on Derakht

 Director: Moeen Samadi

 Animators: Somayeh Nili, Mahbobeh Amidi, Elnaz Zad-Bagher, Zhila Ghanaee

 Scriptwriter: Moeen Samadi

 Edit & Composite: Sareh Shafieepour

 Music: Milad Movahedi

 Illustrating: Ali-Reza Asadi

 Producer: KANOON (Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children &  
                 Young Adults)

2013, Animation, Cut-out, Color, No Dialogue, Stereo, 4min. 19sec.



A king dreams of a tree that gives men eternal life. He decides to seek it and spends his whole life searching for it, but in vain. Finally, at his old age, a sage gives him the fruit of wisdom and the king realizes that the tree of life is in truth wisdom itself. 


  •  ·         7th Eastern Breeze International Film Festival, 18-29 Oct., 2013, Canada (Competition- Animation Section)
  •  ·         38th Hong Kong International Film Festival, 24 March 7 April 2014, Hong Kong (Short Animated Film Section)

Director’s view:

 In this tale by Rumi, a king hears of a tree with fruits that give men eternal life. He mistakenly seeks the tree as a form and does not find it. In the end, an old sage guides him to the true meaning of the tree. Rumi makes an analogy between knowledge and the tree of life. The film’s graphics borrow from astrological symbols, which have both mystifying and scientific effects, to convey the secretive and surrealist atmosphere of Rumi’s poems. There are also symbols that are meant to help the learned viewer decipher the codes that reveal the general concept of the story. For instance, the symbols for the four elements around each one of the film’s characters resemble their inner qualities. Fire within the king (symbolizing man as a seeker) leads him to seek and find the other elements, earth, water and air and finally, the fifth element, wisdom that complements the tree of life.  









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