The Series of ‘The Book of Fame’

Upated on :August 14, 2013

Ferdousi’s ‘The Book of Kings’ is the most famous epic of Iranian heroes, which is still being taught at universities around the world. It narrates the life story of ancient Iranian kings and their myths. The poems in the book are full of images and clear descriptions reflecting ancient Iran’s clothes, customs, rituals, and culture. There is even an art in Iran, called ‘Inn Storytelling’, in which the storyteller narrates the book’s stories based on some illustrations on a canvas. The illustrations have bright colors. The 12-volume collection of The Book of Fame contains illustrations which narrate a part of the story, like all illustrated books.


Sam is Zal’s father, and Zal is Rostam’s father.

Isfandiar is the king of Tooran, and Kavoos is the king of Iran, who are enemies.

The Series of ‘The Book of Fame’

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