The Tale of the Red Lamb & the Sad Princess

Upated on :January 30, 2010


Illustrator: Narges Mohammadi

Author: Hanits Yanshin

  • Second Prize in Noma 2006
  • Selected, Barreiro 2007
  • Selected, Zagreb 2008
  • Selected, CJ 2008

There lived a princess in a distant country, who did not laugh or smile at all. The king was quite worried about his daughter. He would do whatever it took to make his daughter smile, but nothing worked out. Neither clowns nor magicians were able to make her smile. No jokes were funny to her. But many kilometers away, there was a kindhearted shepherd living in a village. He had received a lamb with red eyes recently for his golden heart. The shepherd and the red lamb were able to make the princess laugh in a strange adventure. Hanits Yanshin, the Austrian author, has written the story in Persian and has published it in Iran.

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