“The Wolf & the Ewe” and “Life Story of Red Pencil” in Sardinia Film Festival

Upated on :April 3, 2012

The closing ceremony of the seventh Sardinia Film Festival was held yesterday June 30, after screening some short films and announcing the winners.

The festival consists of two international and national sections that each includes “Live”, “Documentary”, “Animation” and “Video”.

The holders of this festival aim to utilize the industry of cinema to produce independent and specific films and encouraging young film makers to make such movies.

Needless to say that the best feature film, the best animation, the best documentary and the best video film of both sections will be awarded and a certificate of participation will be granted to all submitted works.

Kanoon sent nine of its productions including “The Alchemist”, “Mahouri”, “The Wolf & the Ewe”, “Simple Things”, “The Farmer & the Robot”, “Rolling Pumpkin”, “Zero”, “Life Story of Red Pencil” and “Ton- Pich”.

It should be mentioned that this year 749 works were sent to this festival among them “The Wolf & the Ewe” directed by Mohammad Ali Soleymanzadeh and “Life Story of  Red Pencil” directed by Alireza Chitaee were selected to compete with 25 other accepted animations.

“The Wolf & the Ewe” and “Life Story of Red Pencil” were respectively screened on June 28 and 29 2012 in Green movie theater in the permanent venue of the festival.


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