The Young Fellow & the Cunning Tailor

Upated on :January 27, 2010


Illustrated by Rashin Kheirieh

Written by Sharareh Vazifehshenas

Selected in CJ festival 2008

It is a story narrated from ‘Masnavi’, written by Molavi. There is a wily tailor in a town, who always cut out some part of the customer’s cloth for himself. A young man decides to give him some valuable cloth but not let him cut out any piece of it for himself. But he won’t be able to do so. The tailor tells him some jokes, and every time the young man starts laughing, the tailor cuts out a piece of precious cloth for himself. When the young man finally asks him to tell him another joke, the tailor replies, “That’s enough for today, or your outfit will be too tight for you.”

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