Three Short Animated Films of Kanoon Showcased in International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva

Upated on :July 16, 2014

“The fox that followed the sound” by Fatemeh Goudarzi, “Rain of Rappiness” by Nahid Shamsdoust and “I Found It Myself” by Behzad Farahat were showcased in the 9th edition of the international oriental film festival of Geneva which was held on 3–14 April 2014 in several venues that included the Cinemas of “Grütli”, Versoix, Lausanne and neighboring France.

The event is supported by the city of Geneva’s department for culture and other significant partners. The 9th edition was organized by the “FIFOG” association in partnership with other organizations that promote cinema, cultural dialogue and cultural diversity.

The 2014 edition hosted around 100 movies of a wide range of genres that originated from Eastern countries as well as Western countries. The movies were meant to showcase high quality and tackle human values, while being thought-provocative. The agenda thus reflected the association’s quest to pursue an understanding of Eastern societies and to question the cultural barriers between the East and the West, by means of exclusive fiction movies, documentaries and short movies.

In fact, the aim of FIFOG is also to spark a debate on various themes that pertain equally to the East as to the West and facilitate dialogue and understanding between the two. At the same time, FIFOG offers a platform for young film directors who can be Swiss and also from the East. This year’s theme centered on the body and whether it constituted a fantastical object and/or whether it represented an expression of ideologies.

A series of movies examined the relationship artists had cultivated in relation to the body in cinema: fantastical object and/or space of ideological expression. The movies were grouped along the following categories: “The Orient in all its forms”; “Voices and visions of women”; “Voices and visions of America”; “Perspectives: East-West and Switzerland-East“; “Migration and Integration”; and “FI-FON-FAN” (the festival of children). In parallel, 5 prizes were awarded and for each category; a Golden FIFOG and a Silver FIFOG were presented respectively to winners and runners-up.


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