Head of APCEIU (Asia-Pacific Center of Education for International Understanding) Visits Kanoon

Upated on :May 29, 2011

On Tuesday May 10, in agreement with the Bureau of International Scientific Cooperation of MOE, Kanoon arranged the visit of Dr. LEE Seunghwan, the head of Asia-Pacific Center of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU ) in South Korea and a delegation from UNESCO Tehran Office and a representative of Scientific and Cultural Education of UN.

To make the world more acquainted with the eastern art, Dr. LEE had different viewpoints.  He promised to do all he can, supported by APCEIU which acts for international mutual understanding.

APCEIU in South Korea follows the goals of UNESCO which train teachers for promoting peaceful coexistence and synergies between cultures and nations.

He expressed his enthusiasm to cooperate with Kanoon.  He really wishes to hold a group exhibition of South Korean and Iranian artists’ works in South Korea in near future.

Last year in APCEIU, South Korea, 11 East Asian countries’ folklores were collected and published.

In 2011, they are to bring together stories from 12 other South East countries including Iran, and produce an animation, called “Would-be Friends”.

At the End, they paid a visit to the Children Museum of Kanoon, and the beautiful animation, “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs”, was displayed to them.

Dr. LEE Seunghwan hopes to publish all Kanoon’s activities in a South Korean cultural magazine, arranged with the Managing Director of Kanoon.

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