Upated on :June 9, 2011

WAY (Short-live Action)

Original Title: Raah

Writer/Director: Ali-Reza Chitaee

Cast: Saeed Farahani, Soheil Farahani

Cinematographer: Saeed Pour-Esmaeeli

Cinematographer’s assistant: Mohammad Rahimi                            

Editor: Ali-Reza Chitaee

Music: Kaivan Honormand

Photo: Sara Rasouli

Title Design: Khosro Ashtari

Executive Producer: Mohammad-Reza Karimi-Saremi

Production Company: KANOON (Institute for the Intellectual Development of    

                                       Children & Young Adults)



2012, DVD, Color, 7min 50sec.






To spend the weekend, a father and his little son, go to the seaside. On the beach, they make a sand castle; time passes by, following a memorable day on their way back, the kid falls asleep on his father’s shoulder.

Director’s Statement:

Mixing poetical and abstracted shots, “Way” depicts a decisive but fragile relation, a simple and conventional relation which directly acts as a fundamental need for every human being: being together and togetherness.

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