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Original Title: Aroosiye Aroosi

Writer & Director: Mahin Javaheriyan

Poet: Afsaneh Shaban-Nejad, Boyouk Maleki, Shokouh Ghasem-Nia,

Jafar Ebrahimi

Animator: Noura Shafizadeh, Peyman Edalati, Pouya Hadiyani,

Asghar Amiri, Naser Najafiyan

Story board: Ali Hossein-Khan

Music: Omid Fatollah, Milad Movahedi

Sound & Mix: Changiz Sayad

Composite & Edition: Mehdi Zahmatkesh

Production Company: KANOON (Institute for the Intellectual

                                       Development of Children & Young Adults)

 2012, 3D Animation (Cut-out), HD, Color, Stereo, Non-verbal, 12min.


 Four groups of verses separated from each other share a common comment in a poem and convey a deep happiness event.



  •  8ème MON PREMIER FESTIVAL, 31 Oct., 6 Nov., 2012, France (Aroussiye Shahparak)
  • 15 Annual BAMKids International Film Festival, 1-3 Feb., 2013, USA, (Wedding dress-episode 1), (Competition Section (Bammies))
  • 19e Festival Cinéma d’Asie de Vesoul, Feb., 2013, France
  • 5th CMS International Film Festival, 19-25 April 2014, India (World Cinema Section)








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