“Why this phone never rings” takes its first international award

Upated on :April 21, 2014

Sepanta award for the best animated film was granted to Yaghinlou’s “why this phone never rings” in the 6th Iranian Film Festival in San Francisco that was held on September 28-29, 2013.

To honor the late founder of Iranian sound cinema, Abdolhossein Sepanta, who was also a noted Iranian film director, producer, writer and journalist, Sepanta awards are annually granted to the winners. He has Lor girl, Ferdowsi, Shirin and Farhad etc in his artistic career.

Winners of the 6th edition of the Festival are as follow:

Best Film: Parviz

Best Director: Majid Barzegar for Parviz

Best Actor: Levon Haftvan for Parviz

Best Actress: Leila Hatami for Meeting Leila

Best Screenplay: Hamed Rajabi, Bardia Yadegari, Majid Barzegar for Parviz

Best Cinematography: Amin Jafari for Parviz

Best Documentary: No Burqas Behind Bars, directed by Nima Sarvestani

Best Short Film: More than Two Hours, directed by Ali Asgari

Best Director for a short film: Talkhon Hamzavi for Parvaneh

Best Screenplay for a short film: Soheila Golestani for Return

Best Short Documentary: Forget-Me-Not Egg, directed by Mohammadreza Farzad

Best Actor in a short film: Mohammad Yasin Ardehi for Beyond the Deadend

Best Actress in a short film: Nissa Kashani for Parvaneh

Best Cinematography for a short film: Roozbeh Raiga for Hannaneh

Best Animation: Why this phone doesn’t ring? directed by Hadi Yaghinlou

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